Sunday, March 20, 2011

LotusLive Engage

LotusLive Meetings and Web Conferencing offers users a security-rich environment which can be used to facilitate collaborate networked learning (CNL) with colleagues or customers from around the globe, all from your desktop. Some of the features which are critical to supporting groups engaging in on-line collaborative learning include:
File sharing – allows users to access stored data to think, learn and apply information to tasks, both efficiently and effectively.
Integrated live instant messaging – facilitates transactional communication with other users collaborating on the same project.
Surveys and polling – offers users opportunity for communicational feedback by surveying or polling the audience for live-direct feedback. Once participants respond, you can share the results with the group live and also have a summary e-mailed to you and the participants. Polls can also be saved for future meetings.
Video conferencing – users can use this feature to share ideas and compare conceptual linkages.
Roster functionality – provides ability to roll call attendees, pass meeting control to other participants and to take manage questions from the roster.
Mobile Meetings option – join meetings live from your mobile communication device, leverage your networks by sharing contacts with other participants, and share your files by accessing remotely and collaborating with other users.

LotusLive Symphony Key Features:
- Collaborative, real time document work that automatically updates any changes made to all participants’ work.
- Live Comments- instant message style communication system built into side tab of program.
- Supports work on multiple types of documents from Symphony’s own documentation programs to Microsoft Office suite.
- Sections allow work to be broken up into pieces that are easily managed.
- Individual work can be done privately or in the open for other group members to see and comment on.
- Sections of work can be easily assigned to group members and members can easily be added or dropped from Section groups.

LotusLive Symphony is a powerful online collaboration tool that allows multiple users to work, simultaneously, on a document or project. Individuals from different locations meet online, through LotusLive’s Symphony application, and can work collectively on a document, such as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or a spreadsheet, in real time. Real time means that any document changes made by a participant are automatically updated and appear on all other participant’s document copy.
Interpersonal communication is also readily available through Symphony’s Live Comments. Live Comments is an instant message style communication tool that is integrated into LotusLive Symphony and allows for steady communication between individuals as they work collectively on a document. The comments are organized and searchable in a toolbar on the left side of the programs main screen. Video conferencing is also integrated into the LotusLive suite and can be used in conjunction with Symphony for more in depth communication.
LotusLive Symphony allows individuals to easily collaborate on a project online while also supplying tools that foster constant communication and feedback through Live Comments and video conferencing. The open communication and real time document updates allows individuals to openly express any ideas by presenting them visually to all other participants in the group. Additional documents can easily be uploaded and shared among the group. These new ideas can then be discussed and collectively worked on by the other members of the group. In addition to live updates of any work done to a document in Symphony, individuals can also choose to work privately on the document and upload their work when they are comfortable. Working privately can be an effective tool because everyone has a different creative process and many people are not comfortable revealing every step of their process. However, even when working privately on the document, the individual can still communicate with the group and can upload any changes made to see if they are in line with the rest of the group’s work.
LotusLive Symphony also allows a group to break up project work into pieces called “Sections.” These Sections can be assigned to individuals, single or multiple, and partners can easily be added or dropped from a Section as needed. Also, participants are free to help people in other Sections as needed simply by using Live Comments or by viewing the progress of this Section and joining in if needed.



Collaborative Network Group: Dan Pitre / Gerry Glennon / Anthony Ferretti.


Dawn said...

LotusLive Engage sounds like a great CNL program. I like that it works in real time and that it allows for live interaction with instant messaging. I see alot of similarities between LotusLive and Webex. Both offer collaborative communication that helps make meeting with employees, students etc.. powerful and productive product that makes working together easy. good job!

Claudia said...

This was very interesting, thank you. I had never heard of LotusLive, but I had some problems with Webex so I will try this one out. I would also recommend Teambox for another collaboration software, particularly if you need to multitask.