Monday, May 12, 2008

Open and Closed Systems of Learning and Knowing

Closed Systems ModelsOpen Systems Models
Topics are stable Topics are unstable or being created
Problems or questions has a known answer A problem or question has no clearn answer yet
Someone (teacher, expert, course developer) has the answerNo one person has the answer--it emerges from within a group or organization
The answer is "transmitted" through a familiar learning technology
The "answers" are obtained by groups in cooperation,who may not be co-located
Learner receives and knower gives Knowledge needs to be captured, synthesized, generated, filtered and summarized
A structured (linear)approach is usually taken An associative structured or networked approach is taken
Interaction with other learners or knowers is minimal (e.g. classroom lecture,DVD, or Courseware)Interaction may be asynchronous or synchronous between co-learners
Packaging Human Networking

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